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Admixture for all structural mortars. Enhances the mortar’s mechanical strengths, increases adhesion and elasticity and at the same time prevents the formation of capillary cracks due to contractions and deformations. It creates waterproof concrete and cement mortars with increased resistance to freeze-thaw cycles.
  • Consumption

    Depends on the application use

  • Packaging

    1 Kg 12 pcs/box
    5 Kg 112 pcs/pallet
    20 Kg 45 pcs/pallet

2-component elastic cement based waterproofing coating for protecting from water (waterproofing) substrates, roofs, surfaces with stagnant water etc. It offers complete waterproofing even on surfaces subject to extreme sun exposure and environmental changes. It is suitable for potable water tanks and for surfaces that come in direct contact with food.
  • Consumption


  • Packaging

    20 Kg (A+B)

  • Color White
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